FAQ - Playsets

Q. Does my yard need to be Flat? 
   No. The majority of our sets (Castle Style Design) have ways to level them around your yard, even if your yard doesn’t look like the ones in the catalog. If the slope is minor, we can just dig in the high side of the unit a little to make your play deck level. We can scissor the A-Frame legs a little closer together to raise the end of the beam if need be. Sometimes for greater slopes, you may just need to get a longer slide than normally would come with the set, or you may need a longer A-Frame leg or Rockwall. Plenty of options are available, so please ask the swingset at Dream Play Recreation for options. Of course, if the set you order cannot be installed safely in your area, your order is 100% refundable. You may switch to a different set that may work better in your area, if our installers determine a different unit would work. We do offer Free Yard Inspection - Contact the Showroom for details - 636-530-0055

Q. Once I order, How do I find out when it will be installed?
  Your order will indicate the availability of your play system, Basketball Goal or Trampoline. Scheduling is done on a weekly basis with priority determined by order date and order #. At the end of each week (typically Friday afternoon/evening), our Installation Supervisor will begin to schedule installations for the following week.  He will call you and confirm the installation date along with an approximate window of time. We can hold the unit longer if you are not ready for installation.

Q. What if the set I want is a little too big for my space?

  There are a number of different ways to take the set you like, and reconfigure it a little to make it fit safely in your area. Swing Beams can easily be shortened to save space. Slides and Ladders can often be run in a different direction then pictured to work around the obstacles in your yard. Our installers are pros and will be happy to talk to you about the best placement options once they are in your yard, prior to building. Rest assured that if the set we bring cannot safely be installed, your deposit is refundable or may be used on a more space appropriate playset.

Q. Are your swingsets adult Friendly?
Absolutely! We wouldn’t dare sell a set that the people who pay for it can’t have fun on too!

Q. Can you remove an existing swingset to make room for a new one?
Yes. As long as you are getting a new playset from us, we can remove your existing one for a fee. If your current one is concreted in, it will be removed at ground level, but we do not have a way to remove the concrete from the ground.

Q. Can I add on to your swingset later?
Absolutely! Most of our swingsets are modular so you can add the Monkey Bars, Firepoles, etc. as they become age appropriate. 

Q. How often do I need to Stain our Swingset? 
RE-SEALING is recommended. Even though your play system arrives from the factory stained and sealed, we recommend re-applying sealant after the first 6-12 months, then annually with a non-toxic sealant/stain to keep it looking new and nice.   Drop by the store to pick up a gallon of the professional grade, commercial stain that we carry and which is far superior than other brands offered in the hardware/paint stores. Also, please note that if no sealant is applied over time, the wood will turn silver/grey in color and will void your warranty.

Q. How often do I need to Tighten the Swingset?
PERIODIC TIGHTENING will be needed. During the first 4 – 6 weeks you may notice some checking of the wood. This is a natural process that occurs when the wood “dries”. During this process the wood can “shrink” and some of the hardware may loosen. The 2nd month after installation and every 6 months thereafter, we recommend you check and tighten the hardware as needed.

Q. What about Carpenter Bees?
Carpenter bees, are common in the St. Louis area. Seasonal pest treatment is encouraged to prevent carpenter bees from nesting in the wood. The most common signs of a carpenter bee infestation are the round, smooth holes that carpenter bees bore into wood. Since carpenter bees prefer bare wood, painting and staining wood can sometimes help deter them. However, they will occasionally attack stained or painted wood. 

Q. How to get rid of Carpenter Bees?
An appropriately labeled insecticide specifically applied to each gallery can help control developing bees in the wood. Following insecticidal application, the holes should be left for the females to enter and come into contact with the product. After time, the holes can be sealed to prevent any overwintering bees from reusing galleries the next year. Proper bee control can be difficult, so it is advised to contact a licensed pest control professional for proper carpenter bee control. A professional has the knowledge to inspect the property for galleries and choose the appropriate treatment method. Spray a residual insecticide in the areas where the bees are active. Recommended Insecticide Products: Cyzmic CS InsecticideDemon WP , and FenvaStar Cap. Apply Residual Insecticide Dust in Carpenter Bee holes and galleries with a duster. Recommended Dusts: Tempo Dust and D Fense Dust. Visit link for more info: https://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/Carpenter_Bees.htm

Q. Wood Splintering, Fading, Knots or Suface Cracks?
Wooden play systems will show changes and have flaws, including seasonal checks, cracks, knots and possibly splinters, which are natural characteristics of wood and do not affect the structural integrity of the playset. Every 4x4, 4x6,   has the heartwood of a tree at its center, and that's the source of its remarkable strength. The sapwood around the heartwood dries more quickly than the heartwood and sometimes undergoes a process called "checking". This natural phenomenon, which produces separations on the surface of the wood, is common to all wood species. Checking does not pass through the heartwood itself, however, or compromise structural integrity in any way. A familiar example of how heartwood remains unaffected by checking is the common telephone pole, which withstands constant stress and continual assaults from nasty weather. Then there are all the post & beam barns throughout the U.S. and Canada, many of which have stood for hundreds of years despite large checks in their framing timbers. Most of the checking in your playset will occur within the first several months and will subside when the wood has adjusted to its new environment. Rest assured that your set is still just as strong and safe as ever. And please feel free to call us if you ever have any questions. Multiple checks leading to the center occur only at the very end of a 4x4. Even if the checks converge and form a "through check" it will be limited to the end and will not affect the strength of your playset. Checking is likely to occur near drilled holes. Yet, the center of the wood remains intact, and bolts and ladder rungs are still tight and secure. Structural integrity is not compromised.

Q. What if I am Moving?
Dream Play Recreation is ready to assist you when you need to move your playset, Basketball Goal, or Springfree Trampoline. Moving services are available to the ORIGINAL OWNER ONLY and include:
Moving from your existing house to a new house or a storage facility, Moving to a different location in your existing yard, Tear-down for an out-of-town move. Please contact the store for current pricing and scheduling Pricing will  will vary depending on model and features, etc. Call today for a Quote 636-530-0055


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