FAQ - Rubber Mulch

Q: Is Rubber mulch good for playground?

A: We recommend two products for this use. Rubberific Mulch & NuPlay can both be used in playgrounds. Both are ASTM & ADA approved.


Q: How long will it be before the color fades on Rubberific Mulch?

A: IMC uses a special patented UV protective coating that has been lab-tested for color loss. While Minimum fading may occur over time, Rubberific Mulch's Color can be maintained for a period of up to 10 years with proper installation, maintenance and utilization.  


Q: Is it harmful to humans, animals, or plants?

A: Rubberific Mulch is non-toxic and should not be considered harmful. 


Q: Will Rubberific Mulch Decompose?

A: Generally rubber does not decompose for many years. Therefore Rubberific Mulch will not decompose.


Q: Will Rubberific Mulch heat up and get hot?

A: Since Rubberific Mulch does not compact, it will allow for constant circulation, which keeps Rubberific Mulch Cooler than traditional wood mulch.


Q: Will Rubberific Mulch support fungus or mold growth?

A: Rubberific Mulch does not support growth of any fungus, mold or mildew.


Q: Will Rubberific Mulch attract termites?

A: Wood mulch attracts termites to a house or swingset because wood mulch can be a food source. Our swingsets are made out of 100% Natural Cedar with is Naturally Resistant against Termites. Insects of all kinds do NOT breed in Rubberific Mulch. This makes Rubberific Mulch ideal around homes, swing sets, and other structures where termites might cause serious damage. In fact, many exterminators recommend Rubberific mulch.


Q: How do you get yard debris off of Rubberific Mulch?

A: Rubberific Mulch is heavier than regular wood mulch, therefore we recommend using a leaf blower on the low setting, and holding the blower about 6-9 inches above the mulch. This should remove the debris while leaving the Rubber Mulch in place. 


Q: Will Rubberific Mulch wash or float away?

A: Rubberific Mulch is 5 times heavier than wood mulch and tends to stay in place much better. 


Q: What about steel belting and threads?

A: Rubberific Mulch is 99.9% steel Free. Generally we use truck and equipment tires which normally contain little or no steel belting or threads. As a precautionary measure, we use large magnets that extract as much of the additional steel metals remaining in our products s possible. 


Q: Is Rubberific Mulch more cost effective than wood mulch?

A: Rubberific Mulch is cost effective with its one-time application. When you consider that pine straw and wood mulch generally fade as well as begin to deteriorate in as little as 6 weeks. While Rubberific Mulch has maintained its color for as much as 10 years without need for total replacement, you can begin to appreciate the financial, labor and aesthetic value to your investment.


Q: How deep should Rubber Mulch be for Playgrounds?

A: The recommended installation depth of rubber mulch is 3" for a 6' fall height or 6" for a 13' Fall height to meet the ASTM F 1292-99 standards. 


Q: Is there any problem with latex allergies?

A: Rubberific Mulch & NuPlay Come from recycled rubber tires. These tires are made primarily from petroleum-based products. Latex allergies come from items made with Natural Rubber Latex, which comes from a liquid in tropical rubber trees and is present in items like gloves, balloons and rubber bands. 




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