Sunshine Clubhouse


Sunshine Clubhouse Series


The Sunshine Clubhouse has a 5’2” x 5’2” Deck (27 sqft)and 5’2” Deck Height with 7’ of Headroom with Rainbows Fastener FREE Decking, NO Screws on Deck Surface. These swing sets feature full Rainbow style super duty construction and detail, unmatched versatility and design freedom from all 4 sides. Includes Rainbow style 4” x 6” Timber Main Beam with notched wooden brackets and a Rock Wall and Picnic Table. The Sunshine Clubhouse has a 10’ Wave or 10’ Scoop Slide is sure to fuel your child's imagination and activity.  Sunshine Clubhouses have all available options, add-ons and accessories and are fully modular and expandable with unique options that can be added to search for more adventure.

Specifications   Sunshine Clubhouse
Deck Height   5′ 2″
Swing Beam Height   8.5′
Slide Length   10′
Deck Size   5′2" x 5′2"
Headroom   7'
Overall Weight   1,400 lbs.+

We can normally have your New Rainbow Play System Delivered and Installed in 3-4 Weeks (Busy Season March-August, & December could see 4 - 6+ Weeks) (Weather Permitting, Shipping Delays)