Castle Style


The Castle swing sets have an open play design, which produces an abundance of room to up, down and all around even for the most energetic little ones.

What Makes a Castle a Castle?

*Unique Silhouette * 360° Tire Swing * Jacob's Ladder * Super Flared Canopy & Flags * Two Extra Wide Ladders * Unique Step/Chain Combo Ladder * Best Structure for Unlevel Yards * 

fiesta-castle-sets-page.jpg    The Fiesta Castle swing set features a 4’x5’ deck size with a height of 4’ 10”. The smallest of our Castle options makes it perfect for the limited size yard and young child

circus-castle.jpg    The Circus Castle swing sets have a 5’ deck height, 8’ swing beam height, and 4’ x 6’ deck size. The Circus Castles are a fantastic entry-level Castle swing set!

sunshine-castle.jpg    The Sunshine Castle swing and slide sets have a larger 5.2’ x 5.2’ deck size which means more play space for energetic kids. The Sunshine Castle is our best-selling swing set!

rainbow-castle.jpg The Rainbow Castle swing and slide set boasts a 5’ 8” deck height and 9’ swing beam height. Great for families with multiple kids, or many friends!

monster-castle.jpg The Monster Castle swing and slide set was designed for the families looking for something even larger than the Rainbow Castle. Coming in with a 6’ deck height, 9.25’ swing beam height, and 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide the Monster Castle is definitely a hit!

king-kong-castle.jpg The King Kong Castle swing and slide sets are the perfect statement pieces for your backyard. With a monstrous 7’ 2” deck height, 10.5’ swing beam height, and 14’ Safety Scoop Slide it’s the swing set for the big kids!




We can normally have your New Rainbow Play System Delivered and Installed in 3-4 Weeks (Busy Season March-August, & December could see 4 - 6+ Weeks) (Weather Permitting, Shipping Delays)