Fiesta Castle




Fiesta Castle Series

The Fiesta Castle Series is our entry level “Little Rainbow - Non Expandable” Castle style design, with a 4’ x 5’ Deck (20 sqft) and a Deck Height of 4’10” with 5.5’ of Headroom. The Fiesta Castle’s 4” x 4 “ Timber ladder legs support the children as they climbing up the Step-Rung Ladder or the Rock Wall while they search for adventure in their very own “ Little Rainbow” Swing Set. Then slide down one of Rainbows exclusive slides… but don’t forget to take a turn on the 360-degree swivel tire swing located under the main deck. Fiesta Castles are NON-EXPANDABLE, you can NOT add Monkey Bars, Penthouse or Spiral Slide’s to the Entry Level “Little Rainbow” Fiesta Castle Series. Only Available in Red, Yellow, Blue Colors! (Canopy, Rocks, Swings, Slide-Yellow Only)

Specifications   Fiesta Castle    
Deck Height   4′10"   
Swing Beam Height   7.75'  
Slide Length   10'   
Deck Size   4′ x 5′  
Headroom   5.5'  
Overall Weight   885 lbs. +



We can normally have your New Rainbow Play System Delivered and Installed in 2-4 Weeks. (Busy Season March-July could see 4-8 Weeks) (Weather Permitting)