Rainbow Castle

Rainbow Castle Series


Rainbow Play Systems Flag Ship Swing Set!

The Rainbow Castle 5’ 8” Deck Height is supported by Rainbow’s massive 4” x 6” Main Beam Timber construction to support the Rainbow Castle’s 5’2” x 5’2” Deck (27 sqft) with 7’ of Headroom, with Rainbows Fastener FREE Decking, NO Screws on Deck Surface. You can upgrade the Decks to SUPER +30% Bigger Decks - 5.2' x 6.8' (35 sqft). This is our Original Swing Set Design; nothing compares to the Original Rainbow Castle Climber®. Built with 4” x 4” timber ladder legs, 4” x 4” a-frame legs, support the children (and adults) as they climbing up the Step-Chain Ladder or the Rock Wall while they search for adventure in their very own Rainbow Swing Set, then slide down our 10.5’ Scoop Slide. The Rainbow Castle is slightly scaled back in size compared to the Monster Castle swing sets. Rainbow Castles have all available options, add-ons and accessories and are fully modular and expandable.

Specifications    Rainbow Castle Rainbow SUPER Castle 
Deck Height    5' 8"  5'8"
Swing Beam Height   9'   9'
Slide Length   10.5'    10.5'
Deck Size    5.2' x 5.2' (27sqft)  5'2" x 6'8" (35sqft)
Headroom    7'  7'
Overall Weight    1,485 Lbs +  1,585 lbs +
We can normally have your New Rainbow Play System Delivered and Installed in 3-4 Weeks (Busy Season March-August, & December could see 4 - 6+ Weeks) (Weather Permitting, Shipping Delays)