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Let Your Imagination Soar® with Rainbow® Wooden Swing Sets

The Best Outdoor Swing Sets - America Most Trust Name Brand

Today, Rainbow Play Systems has 700,000 structures installed worldwide. Rainbow is 2,100,000 children strong and growing stronger since they are already actively playing on their very own Rainbow®. Your child can be the next to blast off, rocketing to the moon. Tomorrow, your child will be the ringmaster in the center ring of the circus. Last week, they were pirates sailing the seven seas, searching for hidden treasures. With their imagination and a Rainbow® play system, there are no limits to where they can go.

Rainbow Play Systems offers over 100 Cedar Castles & Clubhouses and over 100 wooden play set options and accessories from which you can choose. This allows you the freedom to design the ideal outdoor wooden swing set for your family. For healthy, safe fun, we assure you every Rainbow swing set is built with quality craftsmanship and your child’s safety in mind, and offers the best Lifetime Warranty coverage in America.

Start By Choosing either our Castle or Clubhouse Style Design:

Castle Style Design:


The Castle swing sets have an open play design, which produces an abundance of room up, down and all around, even for the most energetic little ones will have a blast.

What Makes a Castle a Castle?

*Unique Silhouette * 360° Tire Swing * Jacob's Ladder * Super Flared Canopy * Two Extra Wide Ladders * Unique Step/Chain Combo Ladder or Step/Rung Combo Ladders * Best Structure for Unlevel Yards * 

 fiesta-castle-sets-page.jpg The Fiesta Castle swing set features a 4’x5’ deck size with a height of 4’ 10”. The smallest of our Castle options makes it perfect for the limited size yard and young children.

circus-castle.jpg   The Circus Castle swing sets have a 5’ deck height, 8’ swing beam height, and 4’ x 6’ deck size. The Circus Castles are a fantastic entry-level Castle swing set!

11h-circus-turbo-castle-pkg-ii-loaded-a1-main-sets-1.jpg The Circus Turbo Castle swing sets have a 5'6" deck height, 8.5' swing beam height, and 4' x 6' deck Size. Perfect upgrade from the Circus Castle.

sunshine-castle.jpg   The Sunshine Castle Swing set has a 5'2" Deck Height and a Larger 5.2’ x 5.2’ deck size which means more play space for energetic kids.

rainbow-castle.jpg   The Rainbow Castle Swing set boasts a 5’ 8” deck height and 9’ swing beam height. Great for families with multiple kids, or many friends! Our Best Selling Swing Set!!

monster-castle.jpg   The Monster Castle Swingset was designed for the families looking for something even larger than the Rainbow Castle. Coming in with a 6’ deck height, 9.25’ swing beam height, and 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide the Monster Castle is definitely a hit!

king-kong-castle.jpg   The King Kong Castle Swingsets are the perfect statement pieces for your backyard. With a monstrous 7’ 2” deck height, 10.5’ swing beam height, and 14’ Safety Scoop Slide it’s the swing set for the big kids!




 Clubhouse Style Design: 


Clubhouse Playsets area great solution for compact yards. Create a unique and imaginative space for your kids by adding the lower-level playhouse or the upper-level cabin package. 

What makes a Clubhouse a clubhouse?

*Two Play Areas, Upper & Lower * Lower-Level Sandbox, Picnic Table, General Store & Playhouse Options * Upper-Level Cabin Package Options * Rock Wall Option * Climbing Ramp Option *

fiesta-clubhouse.jpg   The Fiesta Clubhouses feature a 4’x5’ deck size with a height of 4’ 10, 7.5’ Swing Beam Height, and a 10’ Scoop or Wave Slide. Perfect for the new family with limited space.

circus-clubhouse.jpg   Packed full of fun, our entry-level Circus Clubhouse series is compact, which is perfect for the smallest backyards. The lower deck height of 5 feet is great for young children! 

sunshine-clubhouse.jpg    The Sunshine Clubhouse swing set Deck Height is 5'2" and has a 5.2’ x 5.2’ deck size which means more play space for energetic kids, and substantially more add-ons and options!

rainbow-clubhouse.jpg   The Rainbow Clubhouse playsets are the industry leader in construction detail and design with a Deck Height of 5'8", These sets are great for kids of every age and fit in most modestly sized yards.

monster-clubhouse.jpg    The Monster Clubhouse swing set has a 6’ deck height, 9.25’ swing beam height and the 11.5’ Safety Scoop Slide with the 5.2’ x 7.8’ deck size. The Monster Series boasts the most unique designs & our 2021 Monster line up stays true as our most unique series, including our ultra-unique Huckleberry Hideout Series.

king-kong-clubhouse.jpg   Touch the sky with our biggest swing set, the King Kong Clubhouse! With its deck height of 7′ 2″ & 5 ‘6″, there’s ample room to customize with unique swing set accessories.



Most Rainbow Swing Sets are Expandable to grow with your kids.....

These packages make it easy to expand your swing set to keep up with children’s increased activity levels and new play interests. As your children grow, so can your swing set!


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