Fiesta Castle Series

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Fantastic Entry Level Castle style design (w/Step/Rung Combo Ladder)  with Massive 4” x 6” Main Beam timbers to support your child while climbing higher, swinging harder, and sliding faster from the 5' x 5' Deck that is 5' High. Built with 4” x 4” timber ladder legs, 4” x 4” A-Frame legs, and our exclusive 10.5’ Scoop Slide or 10' or 10.5' Wave Slide. Fiesta Castles have all available options, add-ons and accessories and are fully modular and expandable. Children will love to climb up the rock wall, Step/Combo Ladder and the Jacob's Rope Ladder or take a few turns on the 360 degree tire swing. 

Specifications   Fiesta Castle  
Deck Height   5′   
Swing Beam Height   8′  
Slide Length   10' or 10.5′  
Deck Size   5′ x 5′  
Headroom   6′6"  
Overall Weight   840 lbs. +